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Hints on how to Optimise your Blog/Website



These are simple hints in layman’s terms on how to optimise your web by Graeme Hotter.

I have recently been optimising my blogs and managed to get a couple of them onto the 1st and 2nd page of Google. I started with asking questions on 'YouTube' and implementing lots of tips and tricks that I discovered there and elsewhere on the web. I thought I would start a blog to share what I learnt to maybe help others who are starting along this road and to save some time. A lot of things that the experts say are difficult to understand if you are new on the optimising scene.

1. Assuming you have your blog/website up and running, the next most obvious thing is to tell the world. To do this you will need to submit you site to various directories on the web. For most of them you will need to register with them, and I only did it with those that are free. You may not have heard of some of them but they are all crawled by Google etc and have a high page rank which will then link back to your site and increase your ranking. Here some of them which I have made hyper links too.

TECHNORATI (Blogging only)

There are lots of others that are user specific ie. Christian Websites that have a high page rankings like: CROSSGUIDE if you have Christian material. Do a search for your particular niche and find directories that are relevant.

There are also Bookmarking sites that you can submit your link too like:
DIGG also look at how to us Digg on Utube
DELICIOUS also look at how to use delicious on utube
STUMBLE UPON also look at Stumble upon on utube

You should also ping your site now and then when you have updated something new and can't wait for it to be crawled again by a search engine. Here are 2 of them, but there are lots more.

Massurlpinger.exe allows you to ping a list of blogs at once.

You need to sort out meta tags for your site and for your blogs as well. If thought that all I needed to do was put a tags on my blog but you need to go to the html of you post and add tags. A good program to help with sorting out your web site is Scrub the web. Submit your site here and make the adjustments suggested by them. You can look at this handy site for more information. Blogger tricks

another important thing to do is get lots of good back links to your site. If you can get a site that has a high page rank then its a quality back link. is one of those sites and if you watch this utube video or read the article it will show you how you can link to Squidoo and get valuable back-links. I set up some lens (sites) on Squidoo to increase my traffic and boost my ratings. Here is an example

This is the video on utube to show you how to link your site to Squidoo. You can also read this article.

There are other ways to get links to back to your site and YouTube has hundreds of ways to do this. A good way that I have learnt to do this is to write an article which then links back to your site. Some good free ones are;
There are many more and you can learn how to use these on YouTube.

Another way to link back to your site if you like Movies and TV show is to write a review. They don't have to be long. There are many Movies sites out there where you can do this and these sites are crawled all the time and will pick up your link sometimes within a day. Make sure that you put your website into your signature review. Some of them ask you for your website as you make a profile with them. You can make up a signature by using html code and just pasting it in. I use Office OneNote a lot and paste details in there as I go along so that I can just cut and paste easily without having to keep remembering URLs and details all the time. Here is a few Movie sites; There are hundreds of them that you can look up.

Advertise your site with a backlink
Here is a site to create an advert for your site called "Whynot":
Also a site called "Smartguy"
Also Google places to advertise your site

ABOUT GRAEME HOTTERI was born in New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1950 and have always liked drawing. My mother encouraged me in art when I was a child and because we never had a TV in those days I used to read comics and make up my own cartoon strips. I did this to keep myself amused with cartoons, often with me as a super hero. While at Primary School I remember one teacher telling me off for reading so many comics and bringing them to school in a little suitcase. At High School I did really well in art and specialised in caricaturing. After I left School I got a great job in the Farmers Trading Company, Auckland in their Advertising Department, where I learnt all about advertising in newspapers. In 1970 I travelled overseas and ended up in Rhodesia, Africa, where I was eventually called up for the army and there did cartoons of soldiers. I spent a long time in Africa and cartooned now and then for different newspapers and worked as an artist at various printing firms in Zimbabwe and in Johannesburg South Africa. I am now a Pastor (and loving the ministry for the last 30 years). Each week I write a sermon and post it to the web. I now cartoon for a local newspaper and also do landscapes and clipart. I am very keen on computers and have learnt how to create different graphics with a Serif program called Photoplus and Drawplus. Take a look at my free clipart where you can see my unique colourful graphics by Graeme Hotter.

I will be updating this site often to give you some more hints, so come back.


Recently I wanted to optimise my website and was advised that I should write an article and send it out to the lots of directories with an appropriate back link. The pundits suggested that I should spin the article so that it was written in many different ways yet saying the same thing, all with links back to my website. I found some programs on the web that did it for free, but it was all so confusing and often they presumed that I already knew what they were talking about. Utube had some suggestions and I finally found 2 that I could understand. The first was ‘Jetspinner’ (JS) and the other ‘Free Traffic System’ (FTS). These Article Spinners show you how to automatically spin the words by giving you alternative options that end up saying exactly the same thing. You may say “why bother?” The reason is that the search engines will penalise you if you send out the same information over and over again, so you need to spin or mix it up, giving the impression that there are lots of articles all with valuable backlinks to your site.

First you have to write something about your site, and usually it has to be about 350 words minimum. If you write it in MS Word it will tell you at the bottom of the page how many words you have written. You don’t put any links in the article yet, that comes later. FTS allows 2 links per article in the content that you write.

I found that Jetspinner (JS) helped me to get the alternative words that I needed for free, and once I had written the article with all the adjustments made I then copied and pasted into Free Traffic System. Both these programs have ‘codes’ to spin and ‘pipes’ separating each alternative word. Here is an example;

Say you had the word ‘How’. You would in Jetspinner place ‘{‘ before the word. i.e. ‘{Handy’ then a pipe which is the ‘|’ key. Example being ‘{Handy|’. When you do this in Jetspinner, all the alternative words appear at the right hand side of the screen. Which you can then click on and they will automatically be placed alongside the word Handy. Here is how it will look. Handy|useful|practical|valuable|helpful. Once you have decided that these are the words you would like to choose then close the string with the ‘}’ key. It would then end up as {Handy|useful|practical|valuable|helpful}. It can be a laborious task but if you want to do it for free then it needs to be done this way, but afterwards it can be sent to over 50 sites by the article spinner in hundreds of differently written ways and can be kept this file for future use. A quicker way to place the ‘{‘ key before the words you want altered is to use the ‘replace’ option in notepad before you place the article in Jetspinner. You don’t need to change every word in your article and some words are best left alone, but once you have written your article that is ready to be sent, then copy and paste it into Free Traffic System (FTS). Look at this video in Utube that will help you.

FTS doesn’t automatically give you the free alternative word options so I do it in Jetspinner first then copy it over. The trouble is that FTS uses different spin keys. Instead of ‘{‘ and ‘}’ they use [spin] and [/spin]. This can be a pain to manually change, so change them next in notepad by using the ‘replace’ key again. Replace the ‘{‘ with ‘[spin]’ and the ‘}’ with ‘[/spin]’. It all can be done in a flash.

When I first watched the video on FTS and Jetspinner it was just too much information to comprehend all at once, but after a lot of trial and error it all became clearer. Once all the spinning has been done in FTS it will allow you to submit to 50 blogs.

*When you are choosing your blogs to submit your spun article, you can tick the uncategorised box as you go down the list if you don't see anything that suits you.

* A word of warning. FTS times out after 30 minutes and you will lose all you have done so copy and paste what you have done into notepad as you go along just and case so you don't have to write it all again.

Watch these videos on Utube: Free Traffic System Video and Jetspinner for more information

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